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  Diaphragm Pumps  

Goldring Industries range of Diaphragm Pumps are manufactured and marketed under the WALSPAR brand name which has been in existence since the 1950's.

Manufactured in a range of materials to provide a solution to specific requirements. Particularly good at pumping abrasives, debris laden or thick liquids, and light powders.

Needing no maintenance the pumps are robust, run on compressed air and can run dry. Easily regulated by control of air supply. Ideal for transferring explosive or highly combustible liquids.

They are self priming and submersible with no bearings or moving parts that come into contact with the product being transferred other than the diaphragms.

Pumps are available in 25 and 50mm inlet/outlet sizes in a range of chemical resistant materials.

Materials offered:
Cast Iron (non sparking)
Stainless Steel (hygienic or aggressive Chemicals)
Aluminium (Lightweight & cost efficient)
Non Metalics:

Full range of spares maintained for next day delivery.

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25mm Cast Iron non Sparking Pump

25mm Cast Iron non Sparking Pump

bro2 50mm Stainless Steel Pump Trolley Mounted

Stainless steel hygienic pump